No matter whether you’re a small, medium or large business, improving the experience of both your customers and your employees should be of paramount concern. Their positive experience could hinge on feeling secure or through a convenient, personalised and simple shopping ‘journey’. A large part of this can be boiled down to the ease with which your employees and customers can get to your shop or office.

If your commercial residence is located either right in the centre of town with restricted free parking or far away from a central hub, your employees and customers will need somewhere to park their cars. Having a convenient, cheap and secure area for visitors to leave their cars on your property is imperative, can increase the footfall at your residence and provide a number of benefits for your business. Regardless of whether you run a hotel, retail outlet, supermarket or office, there is a wide range of advantages of having a carpark at your premises; here are just a few of them.

How Tarmacadam Contractors Can Make Life Easier For Your Employees and Customers

First and foremost, installing a car park at your commercial property will make life far easier for both the customers and members of staff arriving at your building. Even if your property is located in the heart of the city, having a car park will help a number of visitors get to you without having to pay exorbitant rates. If your property is located far away from public transport links, then a carpark may be necessary for your consumers to visit and shop at your building.

Similarly, if your business requires people to load and unload goods having a carpark installed will make this process far easier for your customers. Many areas in towns and cities curtail the amount of time people can load and unload goods and customers who fall foul of these parametres may face fines; something you certainly won’t want for them.

In terms of employees, many of your staff may be coming to and from work from neighbouring towns and cities. If your business is located in an area with poor transport links, the only feasible way for your staff to get to work may be by car. Ensuring they have a safe and secure place to park their car is essential in ensuring they get to work on time and are safe in the knowledge that their car will not be damaged or broken into whilst they are at work.

As well as having areas which can be used to park cars, you’ll also want to ensure that the systems are up to scratch. Once the Tarmacadamc has been laid by a Tarmacadamc contractor, it’s well worth integrating technology which will improve the experience of both your customers and your staff. This could include installing automated car parking systems. These systems help to improve the efficiency with which they operate and minimises the delays which are often associated with manual operation. Clear and user-friendly panels which are easy to operate speed up processes and allow 24-hour access to a car park. Depending on the type of business you have, this could be fundamental to the success of your operation.

An automatic system can also help you monitor and improve traffic flow. By indicating that all the spaces are full, you will ensure there are no hold-ups at your car park and that your shoppers can move straight on to find a new place to park.

Car Parks Can Increase Security

As well as making the experience of your shoppers and employees far more convenient, car parks will also make your entire business more secure. First and foremost, thieves are far less likely to attempt theft from a car park than a street. With so many cars packed into one location, there’s a far greater likelihood that they will be caught in the act by passers-by and far less chance of getting away with the crime. Most car thieves are opportunistic, so will look out for cars which are away from busy areas and have clear routes of escape; both requirements are not met with a car park.

You can also include a number of extra security measures which make car parks even more secure. From the barriers you choose to technologies like Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR), there are a wide range of options which will help you create a more secure work environment.

First of all, choosing the right type of barrier is an essential choice to make. Depending on the size of your car park and the type of vehicles which will be using it, you may decide to choose a simple manual barrier, or a height restrictive barrier or an automated barrier to improve efficiency. Your choice will depend on the level of security required and may differ if you are offering spaces to employees, customers or a mix of both. No matter your choice, your car park will become more secure as a result of any barrier.

Another crucial security measure to take for your car park is the installation of a CCTV system. CCTV is one of the most effective and efficient ways to secure a property. These cameras act both as a deterrent to criminals and as a way to catch and prosecute them if they do manage to steal or vandalise your property or the property of a visitor. By strategically placing CCTV cameras around your car park, you can ensure that every area is covered and that potential thieves will think twice before they attempt to commit a crime. 

One step further than this, an ANPR system will help with access control and car parking management but will also help if a car is stolen. With an ANPR system, you will be able to know exactly which car was stolen at what time and maybe even ascertain which direction it left the car park in if cameras are stationed at the exit.

A Tarmacadam Contractor Can Provide You With Excellent Asphalt Repair Services To Ensure Your Car Park is Long Lasting

Once you’ve installed a car park at your property using a Tarmacadamc contractor, you may require ongoing services when it comes to asphalt repair and maintenance. Although asphalt is a strong and durable material, like everything, over time it will deteriorate. To avoid any damage being caused to your customers’ cars, it’s essential to source repairs from a trusted contractor. To ensure that your asphalt lasts the test of time, you should have it maintained as regularly as required and repaired by a trusted organisation.

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